Roller Compacted Concrete

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IHC has experience on numerous projects dating back 25 years for mixing cement with soil or aggregates to provide cement stabilized subgrade, subbase or base for highway and airfield pavements. A variety of names, including soil-cement, cement-treated base, and roller compacted concrete describe the product; however, the construction methodologies are essentially the same. They all use compaction equipment to achieve density in a soil-aggregate-cement combination at or less than optimum moisture. An aggregate and soil blender proportions different materials for the optimum, cost-effective mix to achieve desired placement and strength properties. We have used various methodologies for mixing and for placement depending on the nature of the soil/aggregate to be treated and the project conditions. Mixing has been accomplished using mix-in-place with stabilizing mixers, central mix with a modified concrete plant and with a high-specification tolerance, high-production pug mill mixer. IHC uses a variety of processes, most recently GPS-controlled dozer-spreaders and trimming blades, for placement, compaction, final trimming. IHC has numerous belt spreaders and conveyors to expedite getting the material to the placement operations. Please refer to the following documents for further information:

IHC recently completed two projects using roller compacted technology for water resource applications.

The $785,000 Willow Creek Detention Pond Project involved constructing a detention pond with two-drop structures to provide flood detention and controlled release. The design for this site, a high-end business and residential area in the vicinity of the new Sky Ridge Medical Center, required special consideration for the final visual appeal. Stair-stepped roller compacted concrete (RCC) was chosen not only to provide the erosion control function, but also a visually pleasing amphitheater-like view to the homes overlooking the detention pond.

IHC mixed the RCC in a central mixed concrete plant, and placed it using various concrete delivery and placement techniques to accomplish the tight radii of portions of the project. We built large concrete blocks to use as temporary “forms” to accomplish full compaction of the free edges.

IHC placed over 20,000 cubic yards of central-mixed soil cement for the downstream erosion protection, cutoff wall and spillway on the Blunn Dam at Arvada Reservoir. IHC mixed on-site soil and imported aggregate with cement in a portable site pug mill. GPS machine-controlled dozers and graders placed the material. A specially designed vibratory plate mounted on a small skid-steer loader compacted the free edges.

DIA Concourse C RON Pad Snow Storage Area - CO
Ft Carson BCT-H Complex - CO
Willow Creek Detention Pond - CO
Blunn Dam - CO
WMI Waste Transfer Station - CO
WMI Maintenance Facility - CO